The Importance of Self Defense

I am going to speak about the importance of self defense. My mentor who runs an SEO company and is world renowned martial art specialist thought me self defense and why it is very important.

Self defense is basically an art which gives us the ability to protect ourselves in any kind of danger and beat the opponent or to escape from being caught by a gang. However, self defense is not just inspiring someone to take up Martial arts. There is much more to the skill than we think.
Self defense helps us gain a better street awareness. We can always stay sharp and be aware than an attack can come from anyone, anytime and knowing that we have the ability to defend ourselves, we can reconnoiter our surroundings with even more freedom. It also helps us to tone our muscle and keep our body physically fit, which is very important when it comes to self defense. We can maintain our muscles, endurance and stamina through self defense classes.
It also helps us gain a better balance just as much as the focus. Balance can be a key when fighting someone one-on-one so a better balance gives us the extra over the opponent.
In a fight, movement is equally important as balance. You just cannot walk around and wait for your opponent to strike. You have to make movements to keep the opponent occupied. Smart movement are very important in fights and self defense helps us making more agile and gives us more reflexes which we can use to oust our opponent.
Not just the skill, however, self defense is also good source of gaining friends and opening ourselves more to the society. As the training mainly involves many groups, we can easily get to know the other people and make us socialize ourselves to the other person.
Self defense always gives us the extra edge and it is vitally important for women, as they have a relatively weaker body compared to men. By learning self defense, they can walk the street with more confident and freedom.
All these aforementioned facts are the reason we should start taking self defense classes right away!