Basic Self-Defence Tactics You Should Have

It would be always safe if you were always able to defend yourself in case of attack. Self-defense is a tactic that will ensure you escape the adversities of attacks. Since most of the attacks come unprepared, it is important to know what to do at what time. Depending on the nature of attack, you can know what kind of force to apply.

Reduce vulnerability

Attackers look for weak points on vulnerable people since they will be easy to tackle. It will always be safe to be aware of what is happening around you anytime. Prevention is always better than cure and it is a basic self-defence tactic. Do not make your routines as normal since this can make room for planning an attack.

Be aggressive

In case you are already under attack, do not play soft. Yelling is the best option if you cannot push back the attacker. Shouting will call for attention and in addition, the attacker will not have an easy time handling you. However, in some cases where you are under a life threat, silent struggles would be safer than trying to call for attention.

Roof Block tactics

Of course, there are the main body organs that you must defend. The head is the riskiest when attacked. The roof block is a suitable self-defence tactic is t for sharp objects attacks directed to the head. It requires creating a horizontal block against the attacking object. The horizontal block resembles flat roofing and is very effective.

Target organs

Sometimes, the lenient self-defence tactics will not work with the attacker. This may call for attacking them in an effort to stop them. The weak points will work fast and they include the eyes, nose, knees and the groin. However, when targeting these regions, ensure you are fast enough and you hit the target organ with enough force.


In case of an attack, it is important to have an idea on how to counteract. It is very risky to play an easy target even with the mildest of attacks. These tips can help you have some self-defence tactics