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Self defense is an art of protecting yourself from bodily harm. It’s used widely in its various forms which includes armed, unarmed and mindset self defense. Armed self defense is the use of any object within reach. These includes baseball bats, knives, machetes and firearms. In the case of firearms one needs to be registered and licensed. Unarmed self defense is using martial arts in its different types. You need to attend a few lessons to learn the techniques. Women are encouraged to take these lessons for their own protection and safety. Mindset self defense is the most important part of self defense. It requires absolute awareness to execute a particular technique to disarm or strike a knock out blow. Without mental awareness use of martial arts is not effective at all. It’s legal and engraved in the constitution as a right of every person. It’s a widely used concept by virtually everyone. Even bodily reflexes prompted by our subconscious